Friday, February 20, 2009

What's the difference between Data Studio and Data Studio Developer?

Have you ever used MS Office?   Most folks tend to answer YES!   I like to reply to them I have never used MS Office, I have used MS Word, MS Power point, MS Excel, etc ...  Data Studio is very similar.   Data Studio is a suite of products around the data life cycle.   When you use Data Studio you end up using InfoSphere Data Architect, Data Studio Developer, Data Studio Administrator,  DB2 Performance Expert or DB2 Optimization Expert.  

Remember that not all the products in the Data Studio suite of tools are named Data Studio something, however they can all install into the same eclipse which just grows the capability of your single database tool with the function of each product you add into it.

There are some Data Studio capabilities that are complimentary.  These are part of Data Studio Developer and Data Studio Administrator.  You can get them by installing everything but the advance features during install.   Sometimes folks call the complimentary tools just Data Studio, some folks call it Data Studio base or Data Studio foundation.   It is basically the free parts of Data Studio.   But these capabilities are really part of Data Studio Developer and Data Studio Administrator.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Data Studio Shell Sharing Support

I came across the following technote on Data Studio 2.1 shell sharing support:

I talks about some known shell sharing issues, some of which I have heard will be fixed in the Data Studio 2.1 fixpack.

But the really nice thing is that it has a list of Data Studio 2.1 and Rational 7.5 products that will shell share.