Friday, April 25, 2014

Explore the power of Big Data analytics with Hadoop at dev@Impact

Will you be at at Impact 2014?   Curious about Hadoop?  Join us for the following hands on session at dev@Imapct.

This event is part of the Impact 2014 conference so if you would like to join us you will need to be a registered conference attendee. You can sign up here.

Session DSA-3462 : Title: Explore the power of Big Data analytics with Hadoop 

Curious about Big Data? Want to learn how to use Hadoop for storing and analyzing Big Data, developing Big Data applications, and integrating Big Data into your existing IT infrastructure?  Join us to work through hands-on lab exercises and to explore technologies that businesses use to support Big Data analytics. This lab is geared towards technical staff with little or no background in Big Data. Remember to bring your laptops for the lab.

When: April 29th (Tues)1-6 pm

Where: Impact Conference in Las Vegas - Venetian, Sands 304

How to setup your machine to run the lab:
     Get VM:
     Setup Video:

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