Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Data Studio Eclipse 3.4 facelift

With Data Studio 2.1 it moved from being based on Eclipse 3.2.2 to Eclipse 3.4.1. One of the major changes/enhancements was leveraging the latest Data Tools Project (DTP). One of the most major changes was in how connections are managed. In eclipse 3.2 connection were under the Database Explorer view and in eclipse 3.4 there are in the Data Source Explorer. Check it out!

Not only did we add the eclipse 3.4 capabilities but we also did a few extras also. We added the ability to store and manage connection in centralized Connection Configuration Repository. There is also a nice video on the connection Configuration Repository on channel DB2.

The other major thing that changed and improved in going to eclipse 3.4 is how SQL results are displayed.

You can learn more about these enhancements from in the following article:

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