Saturday, July 11, 2009

How to install Optim 2.2 eclipse based products via IBM Install Manager?

Below are the step-by-steps on how to install the Optim 2.2 eclipse tools via IBM Install Manager. If you are going to install via the web repository then you will need an IBM developerWorks id. If not, you will need to download the trials before hand.
  1. Download and install IBM Installation Manager
  2. Start -> All Programs -> IBM Installation Manager -> IBM Installation Manager
  3. After IBM Installation Manager launches, go to File -> Preferences
  4. After the Preferences launch launches, click Add Repository.

  5. Paste the installation URL or the unzip package path or the trials, click OK
    (This is not a typical website, so don't try putting it into a browser)

  6. If you place the IBM software URL, then you will need to use the developersWorks userid / password

  7. Click OK in the Preferences
  8. Back in the Installation Manager, click Install

  9. Click on the packages you want to install

    You can select multiple products and they will all install into a common and integrated eclipse.
  10. Click Next to continue install
  11. Accept the license and click Next

  12. If you used the IBM URL you will be asked to fill out a survey
  13. Select a package and click Next
  14. Click Next when asked extended eclipse
    Since this is a new install it will lay down base eclipse 3.4 and IBM shared plug-ins
  15. When select language, click Next
  16. Pick the options you want to install

  17. Click Next after selecting the packages you want to install
  18. Click Install to install the product

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