Friday, June 4, 2010

My Who's who in pureXML in URLs

I was doing an introduction to a buddy of who are the various folks who work on pureXML at IBM and I thought I would share the list of names, blogs and resource links I collected. These are the folks who's blogs and tweets I follow for pureXML new.

pureXML LUW team
pureXML wiki & collection of resources
Matthias Nicola
Author of DB2 pureXML Cookbook
Susan Malaika
Queen of XML at IBM
Henrik Loeser - IT, Life, DB2, House Construction, ...
pureXML blogger
Conor O"Mahony
pureXML Evangelist
pureXML z/OS
pureXML wiki & collection of resources
Guogen Zhang
pureXML z STSM

If you are not familiar with pureXML then wikipedia might be a good start.
Also check out Susan Vissers's pureXML resource blog:

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