Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free new pureQuery eBook

The free Getting Started with pureQuery e-book is available for download.  This book was put together by many of the key pureQuery developers, technical evangelists and reviewed by some key customers.

This is the best collection of pureQuery info in book form and definitely the best way to get started.

Read this free ebook to:

  • Find out what pureQuery is
    • Learn how to get started and review configuration options. 
  • Learn how to use pureQuery tooling in Optim™ Development Studio (ODS)
    • This reviews the major pureQuery tooling features found in ODS
    • BTW did I mention that the ODS tooling is free.
    • pureQuery ODS tooling provides help to any Java developer writing data access with JDBC, pureQuery, iBatis, and JPA for DB2 and IDS.
  • Write efficient Java™ database applications using pureQuery APIs
    • Discover what is different about pureQuery and review APIs
  • Learn how to optimize your existing Java database applications using pureQuery
    • pureQuery is a data access platform, so it makes it easier to developer data access application for DB2 & IDS and also faster.
  • Understand how pureQuery can optimize Java Persistence API (JPA) and Hibernate applications
    • Make you existing ORM apps faster and easier to write.
  • Practice while developing a sample Java application
    • Are you looking for a sample application that uses pureQuery to help you get started?  If so look no further because you can find it in the ebook.

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